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Location Technology for Clinical Teams

Rauland EveryWear

Using wearable tags, Rauland EveryWear™ displays the real-time location of staff and equipment and automatically records care data. EveryWear connects to other technologies, including Responder Enterprise and Responder Enterprise Converge, to give clinical teams tools to apply best practices throughout multiple facilities, increase efficiency and improve patient care.

Rauland EveryWear:

  • Uses Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, location badges, tags and wearables to connect to your nurse call system
  • Tracks time clinicians spend with patients and records it with bed-level accuracy to improve reporting methods
  • Provides more details on staff performance and workloads to help modify workflows to improve efficiency
  • Gives staff detailed information including the locations of all clinicians and patients at any time, while also recording response times