Customer Success Stories

Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital – Valencia, CA

368 total patient beds (Old and New Tower)

    • New Tower – 130 beds – opened October 2019
    • Responder 5 w/Staff Terminals
    • AD Integration
    • Blackjack breakaway bed cables
    • Centrak – Staff RTLS, Asset RTLS, Infant Protection (Cetani)
    • Wireless Phone Integration - Mobile Heartbeat w/iPhones

Patient calls now go direct to staff via MH to iPhone. The right call to the right caregiver. Delay to console quiets the unit. Staff badge allows staff to go straight to bedside. Pain Assess, Turns and Rounding reminders. EVS requests from Staff Terminal direct to EVS staff on floor for faster response. Infant Protection in Women’s Unit with unit diagram.

Cedars Sinai Medical Center – Los Angeles, CA

886 patient beds and multiple clinic locations

    • Responder 5 w/Staff Terminals
    • Centrak – Staff RTLS, Asset RTLS
    • Wireless Phone Integration – Voalte/iPhones (text message to iphone via Connexall)

Staff Terminals not only in patient rooms but clinic areas and OR Suite with workflow for doctor and staff plus labs, pharmacy. Faster outpatient throughput. Extensive EVS functionality utilized throughout inpatient areas for discharge, cleaning, spills, trash, etc. Data is reviewed by EVS Management for EVS staffing levels and response times. Improved their EVS response times for faster room turnover in patient areas and OR Suite.

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center – Long Beach, CA

420 patient beds

    • Responder 5 w/Staff Terminals
    • Wireless Phone Integration – Direct Connect to Cisco phones

Many dual patient rooms – one Staff Terminal per bed. Utilizes Staff Registration, Pain Assess and Turn Reminders. In discussion to add EVS functionality for faster room turnover, cleaning and supplies. Also in discussion to chart pain levels, turns, rounding back to Epic flowchart.